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The best tennis game on Android is back


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Ultimate Tennis Revolution is the sequel to Ultimate Tennis, one of the best tennis games for Android. And, as is to be expected, it has a ton of new features. Some of the stand-outs are the graphics, which are more powerful than ever, and the gameplay, which is even more simple and intuitive.

When you start playing Ultimate Tennis Revolution you can choose from three different tennis players (including men and women). Each tennis player has his or her own attributes, so some are better at hitting defensive shots, while others are better up at the net, etc. As you play, of course, you can unlock many more tennis players to add them to your list of characters. And as with the first game in this series, you can customize your characters to your heart's content by choosing different clothing and accessories.

The gameplay in Ultimate Tennis Revolution is as easy as ever. Just slide your finger in the direction you want to hit the ball, keeping in mind that the longer your finger is on the screen, the harder you hit it. If you pick your finger up at just the right moment, you'll get the maximum amount of power and will also recover some energy, though if you hit too late, you'll lose the point.

As far as game modes go, you can compete against other players online in exciting PVP tournaments. But this consists of playing single games, which typically finish in less than three or four minutes.

Ultimate Tennis Revolution is a spectacular tennis game in all respects. In terms of visuals, it stands out from other similar games, but it's also pretty outstanding for the great variety of players and courts it includes, as well. A fun game with tons of content.
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Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher